F.U+ Copper Premium - mask with copper thread

Advantages of the Naroo Mask F.U+ Copper Premium maks with copper-threads: 

  • Stylish and easy-to-use in everyday life
  • This mask not only blocks droplets, but it actively kills microbes as well. 
  • It protects not just you but also those around you as it works in both directions.
  • MICRONET™ filter fabric blocks 99% of ultra fine dust particles and pollen starting at 1.7 microns (40 times smaller than a human hair)

Interwoven copper nano yarn with enhanced biocidal properties: 

  • The combination of yarn and copper maximises the copper’s functions: deodorization, preventing staticity and killing pathogens. 
  • This copper fibre is scientifically certified to be 99% effective at killing microbes
  • Strong and sustained functions through 100+ washes, allowing it to be reused repeatedly.
  • Tested and approved by accredited institutions in Korea and Japan.

We’ve developed a new mask targeting bacteria and viruses, using copper yarn to eradicate pathogens on contact.

How it works:

The addition of copper into respiratory protective face masks increases microbial destruction(1). Copper stops the reproductive processes of SARS CoV(2), influenza(3) , bacteria and a range of other pathogenic microbes (4).


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